From Grass Valley, take Hwy. 49 north towards Downieville at the 20/49 split. The first right after you pass the County Government Center is Cement Hill Road. If you are coming from Nevada City, this intersection is also the top of West Broad Street. Take Cement Hill Road 3 miles to the end, where Cement Hill Road intersects with Bodie Ridge Road. Do not turn onto Bodie Ridge Road but proceed straight onto the road marked as a private road. During the farm season, you will also see our farm sign at this location, directing you to go straight.  Please drive slowly to respect our neighbors. You will see two more signs as you drop down the hill towards the farm.  At the bottom of the hill after less than 1/4 mile you will see our address—13500—and a sign directing you to the right onto a gravel driveway. Enter the farm and park in the designated parking area. Walk the short distance from your car to the farmstand. See you there!

If you are coming from the north on 49, Cement Hill Road is the left turn opposite the right turn onto Broad Street as you approach Nevada City. Follow the rest of the directions as above.