Featuring more than 40 varieties of seasonally available fruits & vegetables, and U-pick berries.

2020 Farmstand Schedule

  • May through the week before Thanksgiving week in November.
  • Hours are 2 – 6 p.m., each Wednesday.
  • We will also be open some Sunday mornings for U-pick berries during berry season.

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Your Local Farm

There was a time in this country when most urban areas, as well as smaller rural towns, were integrated with local agriculture. On-farm sales of produce and other agricultural products was not uncommon, and many people knew farms in the vicinity of their towns where they could buy fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, meat and milk. Farms themselves, far from producing only one crop from fencerow to fencerow, grew food for at least their own consumption, and many produced a surplus that was sold or shared.

The separation between farms and consumers is now so complete that many people in our country will live their entire lives without ever setting foot on a farm, even though most of them will eat three meals a day that are largely made up of the products of American agriculture.

While you are at the farm, we’ll encourage you to wander around and see what we’re up to, or take a seat in the shade of the farmstand and enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful place.

What’s in Season?

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Directions to Riverhill Farm

Riverhill Farm, 13500 Cement Hill Road, Nevada City

From Grass Valley, take Hwy. 49 towards Downieville. The first right after you pass the County Government Center is Cement Hill Road. If you are coming from Nevada City, this intersection is also the top of West Broad Street. Take Cement Hill Road 3 miles to the end, where Cement Hill Road intersects with Bodie Ridge Road. Do not turn onto Bodie Ridge Road but proceed straight onto the road marked as a private road. Please drive slowly to respect our neighbors. At the bottom of the hill less than 1/8 mile you will see our address – 13500 – and a gravel driveway to the right. Enter the farm and park in the designated parking area. Walk the short distance from your car to the farmstand. Google Map